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Upcoming Event!

Please stop by and see as at the Christmas Bazaar, located at the Presbyterian Church in New Carlisle on 12 December 2015 from 11am - 4pm.

Our first alpacas - October 2013
The first cria born on our farm nurses while Bear looks on approvingly

Annie and Tezi, as crias, playing together.

Hello and welcome to the Blue House Farms website! Here you can find information about our farm, raising alpacas, and our products available for sale.

Blue House Farms is a family-owned farm in New Carlisle, Ohio. While the majority of our farm is corn and soybean fields, we also raise alpacas as livestock. We purchased our first alpacas in October 2013. Since then, our farms has grown steadily. We've been blessed with several beautiful crias born on our farm. The addition of a new fawn female and four sweet gelded fiber males brings our herd total to 14. Along with our alpacas, we have a wonderful Great Pyrenees named Bear, who works as a livestock guardian dog. Bear protects our alpacas and dozens of chickens from predators. Our farm is also home to Clancy the barn cat and our honeybee hives.

People often ask what we do with alpacas. Alpacas are raised for their soft, warm fleece. In our climate, alpacas are sheared once a year in the spring. Alpaca fleece can be turned into yarn, clothing, blankets, or even stuffed animals. Alpaca fleece makes ideal warm weather apparel as it is warmer than wool, often softer than cashmere, waterproof, more durable than wool, and hypoallergenic. As a result, alpaca fiber is a luxury textile. You can see some of our alpaca fleece products on our Store page.

On our store page, you will find handmade soaps and hand scrubs, made with beeswax from our hives. Our soaps are made using natural ingredients, contain NO artificial dyes or animal fats, and are scented with essential oils and phathalate-free fragrance oils. Unlike many natural soaps, our soaps produce excellent lather while moisturizing skin.

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We do not currently have any alpacas for sale. Our junior herdsires will be ready for breeding in 2016.